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|Death To Isreal & America |

You Made The Terrorism And You Occupate Our Country To Theft our Wealth Under The Cover Of Counter-terrorism You Kill Our Childs , Brothers Fathers And Mothers And You Call Me Terrorist. After All What You Do Against me And Against Our Messager , Our Religions..Our Family Our Country Our Wealth What You want Me To be ?? Coward ? Surrendered ? What You Want me to Do When You Ripe My Sister And My Country ?? You Want Me To Talk About The Tolirence OF Islam ?
Op #Electorinic , #OP_USA
Cyber war has been declared on American cyber space and you will see exactly what we are capable of.
Our Target is your Governement's Websites ... We Will Take You Off From The Internet !
Your Credit Cards , Your Bank's Accounts , Your Servers , Your Facebook , Twitters ... Are In Danger !
We Never Forget what You Do against the Humanity ... In GaZa Millions Of People Were Dead ... Palastinian's Muslims,Innocent Childrens, Womens Are Killed In The Force's Attacks...
Zionist Forces Destroyed Palestinian's Families , Homes ,schools, hospitals,mosks ... But No One Cares ! its the time to stop killing innocent peoples , and stop killing palastinians childs coz all da world know that americans are the real terrorist.
Governement and Peopel of the thing named "Israel" will be a goal of Palestinian resistance rockets. To save your self your Family... You MUST forced your government to release every
prisoners on hunger strike... and to get out from Palestine Coz:
Tell Your Governement Thats Legends Team Hardly Fucked Your Website

WE ARE ,| Zohir benki| Diablo-DZ |